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HDFS In The News

Charles Super, PhD  

UConn faculty continues to lead in social science research

The Social Science Research Council and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences hosted a book publication celebration to honor the recent work of UConn faculty in the field of social sciences this Thursday. The event was energized with discussion about past successes throughout the discipline and promise for the upcoming years.

In less than one year, Charles M. Super’s of the Department of Human Development and Family Studies book sold more than 1,000 copies from the Oxford University Press. This is the highest number of sales for a book of the scholarly genre at Oxford, which reflects its impact and influence worldwide. UNICEF has purchased copies for staff worldwide, due to its deep insight into early childhood development policy. Early childhood development is increasingly visible and the basis of many UN Millennial goals and policy.

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Preston Britner, PhD  

Four Faculty Receive Endowed Professorships

In a ceremony on Wednesday, November 6, professors Jerzy Weyman, Jeffrey Shoulson, Jennifer Sterling-Folker, and Preston Britner were formally inducted as endowed professors in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, positions that honor the their achievements and stature as researchers, teachers, and mentors.

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Stephen Anderson, PhD  

Stephen A. Anderson awarded CFLE Emeritus status

Certified Family Life Educator Stephen A. Anderson has been awarded CFLE Emeritus status in recognition of his involvement in higher education and the Center for Applied Research in Human Development.

Dr. Anderson has taught a wide range of graduate and undergraduate courses at the University of Connecticut, including many relevant to family life education, such as adolescent development, dynamics of family interaction, and family violence. He has served as the director of the Center for Applied Research in Human Development since 1999, and on a part-time basis since his retirement in 2012. The center provides consultation and evaluation services to many Connecticut state agencies and community human services programs, primarily those involved in promoting the well-being of children and families.

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Sara Harkness, PhD  

Two UConn Professors Spend Year in D.C. as Jefferson Science Fellows

Two UConn professors returned to Storrs this semester from Washington, D.C., where they spent a year as two of just 13 scientists chosen nationwide to work as Jefferson Science Fellows for the Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

Sara Harkness, professor of human development and family studies, spent her year as senior advisor to the Health and Education teams in the Latin American and Caribbean Bureau at USAID, working primarily on children’s literacy issues. Among the first behavioral scientists to be accepted to the Jefferson Fellows program, she describes herself as a cross-cultural researcher interested in children’s health and learning in different cultural contexts.

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Preston Britner, PhD  

Fostering College Dreams for Kids in Foster Care

College graduation rates for foster kids are “horrifically low,” according to Preston Britner, professor of human development and family studies and a member of the Academy development team. Some studies put the figure at less than 3 percent nationally. Foster children also experience disproportionately higher drop-out rates, homelessness, and other social ills, Britner adds.

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Charles Super, PhD  

Family Studies Professor Elected to National Committee for Psychology

Charles M. Super, professor of human development and family studies in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and professor of pediatrics at the UConn Health Center was recently elected to the U.S. National Committee for Psychology, an organization supported by the National Academy of Sciences.

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UConn Child Labs  

UConn Child Development Laboratories Receives National Certification as Nature Explore Classroom

University of Connecticut Child Development Laboratories has earned national certification as a Nature Explore Classroom from Dimensions Educational Research Foundation and the Arbor Day Foundation.

University of Connecticut Child Development Laboratories joins a growing network of organizations and institutions that have created effective nature-based outdoor learning environments for children. This network allows for idea-sharing, peer support and continuous development.

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