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Lisa A. Eaton

Lisa Eaton Assistant Professor

Department of Human Development & Family Studies
University of Connecticut

Greater Hartford Campus
1800 Asylum Ave.
West Hartford, CT 06117-2697

Phone: (860) 486-6024


Educational Background

PhD University of Connecticut 2009
Post Doctoral Appt. Yale University 2010


Disciplinary Background

Social Psychology


Areas of Interests

Health disparities and relationship development, maternal health and quality of life issues.


Selected Publications

  • Eaton, LA, Kalichman, SC, Sikkema, KJ, Skinner, D, Watt, MH, Pieterse, D, & Pipitan, E. Pregnancy, alcohol intake, and intimate partner violence among men and women attending drinking establishments in a Cape Town, South Africa township. Journal of Community Health.
  • Eaton LA, Cain DN, Agrawal A, Jooste S, Udemans N, Kalichman SC. The influence of male circumcision for HIV prevention on sexual behavior among traditionally circumcised men in Cape Town, South Africa. International Journal of STD & AIDS.
  • Pipitan, EV, Kalichman, SC, Eaton, LA, Cain, DN, Sikkema, KJ, Skinner, D, Watt, MH, & Pieterse, D. AIDS-related stigma, HIV testing, and transmission risk among patrons of informal drinking places in Cape Town, South Africa. Annals of Behavioral Medicine.
  • Eaton, LA, Huedo-Medina, T, Kalichman, SC, Pellowski, JA, Popat, A, Sagherian, MJ, Warren, M, Johnson, BT. Meta-analysis of single-session behavioral interventions to prevent sexually transmitted infections: implications for bundling multiple prevention packages.American Journal of Public Health.
  • Eaton L, Cain DN, Cherry C, & Pope H. A novel approach to prevention for at-risk HIV negative men who have sex with men: Creating a teachable moment to promote informed sexual decision making. American Journal of Public Health, 2011; 101(3): 539-545.
  • Kalichman, SC, Cain, DN, Eaton, LA, Simbayi, LC, Jooste, S. Randomized clinical trial of brief risk reduction counseling for sexually transmitted infection clinic   patients, Cape Town, South Africa. American Journal of Public Health.
  • Eaton LA, Kalichman SC, & Cherry C. Sexual partner selection and HIV risk reduction among Black and White men who have sex with men. American Journal of Public Health 2010; 100:503-9.
  • Eaton LA, & Kalichman SC. Changes in transmission risk behaviors across stages of HIV disease among people living with HIV. Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care 2009; 20:39-49.
  • Eaton LA, Kalichman SC, O'Connell DA, & Karchner WD. A strategy for selecting sexual partners believed to pose little/no risks for HIV: serosorting and its implications for HIV transmission. AIDS Care 2009; 21:1279-88.
  • Eaton LA, West TV, Kenny DA, & Kalichman SC. HIV transmission risk among HIV seroconcordant and serodiscordant couples: dyadic processes of partner selection. AIDS and Behavior 2009; 13:185-95.
  • Eaton L, Kaufman, M, Fuhrel, A, Cain, D, Cherry, C, & Kalichman, SC. Power Dynamics and Interpersonal Violence in Lesbian Relationships. Journal of Family Violence 2008; 23:697-705.
  • Eaton L, Kalichman SC, Cherry C, Pope H, Fuhrel A, Kaufman M, & Cain D. Perceived prevalence and risks for human papillomavirus (HPV) infection among women who have sex with women. Journal of Womens Health 2008; 17:75-83.
  • Kalichman S, Eaton L, & Pinkerton S. Circumcision for HIV prevention: failure to fully account for behavioral risk compensation. PLoS Medicine 2007; 4:e138.
  • Kalichman SC, Eaton L, & Pinkerton SD. Male circumcision in HIV prevention. Lancet 2007; 369:1597.
    Eaton LA, & Kalichman S. Risk compensation in HIV prevention: implications for vaccines, microbicides, and other biomedical HIV prevention technologies. Current  HIV/AIDS Reports 2007; 4:165-72.
  • Eaton LA, Kalichman SC, Cherry C, Stearns H, Flanagan J, Cain DN, & Amaral C. Serosorting sexual partners and risk for HIV among men who have sex with men. American Journal of Preventive Medicine 2007; 33:479-85.